Think it …..            Build positive association with other holistic sustainable and community orientated groups  …

Make it …..         Create projects having objectively taken a balanced approach of design, research, and public demand …

Live it ………        All projects aim to support those around them and be available for long term support and fulfilment  …

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Awel Aman Tawe
Cardiff Transition
Cardiff Community Energy
Cardiff Rivers Group
Cardiff Taffs Community Currency
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Cardiff Allotments
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Community Energy Wales
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Friends of Bute Park
Friends of the Earth Cymru
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Friends of Bute Park
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Friends of Cathays Cemetery
Herbs in Wales
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Greening in Penarth
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Grow Cardiff
Keep Wales Tidy and Eco-schools
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Mackintosh Community Garden
Men’s Shed Cardiff
Neighbourhood Community Watch
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Plasnewydd Community Garden
RCMA: Riverside Community Market Association
RenewablesUK Cymru
Renew Wales
Riverside Market Garden
Universities & Research institutes
Tyndall Centre
Bristol University
Cardiff University
Open University
Sheffield University
Your Cathays
Cardiff Transition

Cardiff Transition

2:    One tale of two cities

3:    50 House Project

4:    AECB: Sustainable Construction

5:    AF: Arts Factory

Awel Aman Tawe:

Videos were produced for the pivotal Egni Renewable Share Investment in 2014.

The Egni model is one of Wales 1st Community PC/Solar initiatives which hopes to put share offers out each few years with the intention of supporting as many community owned buildings as possible and supporting carbon neutral use of said buildings. It was Davius’s honour to produce the Crowdfunder video to support Egni.

Egni is a spin out of AAT and some excellent news in late 2015 was after almost two decades of relentless efforts the AAT team final got the go ahead on two Wind Turbines being established that would be established supported by community investment – was launched with a goal of hitting £500,000 – it exceeded this by the end of 2015 with almost £750,000 – a testament to people (throughout UK) wanting to support such ventures!

The funds raised each year from electricity generated by the ‘twin turbines’ will go to help regeneration and support of the Tawe valley communities.

Cardiff Transition:

Cardiff Transition seek to engage the public of multiple groups and events in the hope of supporting greater community support an social integration to create sustainability in the locality.

Davius input to help Cardiff Transition has consisted of:

  • Website re-design
  • Website directory of all sustainable themed entities across Cardiff
  • Marketing to increase profile of Cardiff Transition and it’s purpose to empower the public with links/networks to engage in and improve their quality of lives and social links.

Cardiff Allotments

Cardiff Rivers Group:

Established in 2009, the incredible award winning CRG has broken ground with considerable public and volunteer engagement. Davius produced several videos to support CRG get their message out.

Additionally Davius has consulted the CRG group on uptake of WordPress website platforms to ensure they can engage the public with their efforts and encourage more responsible waste management in every district of Cardiff. Additional social media support includes calendar entries on Cardiff Transition website to encourage more people to get involved.

Davius regularly refers their efforts with positive word out mouth encouragement to many others to partake in CRG’s valiant efforts.

Cardiff Taffs Community Currency:

A video for this local economy/ local currency group to support more participants getting involved and broadening the local network.

Cardiff Taffs has helped encourage skills proliferation amongst it’s Taff’ers (whether it is gardening, painting walls, creating artistic wood turned bowls, clothing etc.) and there is no limit to what the Taff’ers can offer each other (and the public).

Co-Housing Cymru:

This emerging group of dedicated individuals Davius Nursery will support the biodiversity expansion of

Keep Wales Tidy and Eco Schools

?:    Eco-Schools – ESDGC


Friends of Bute Park:

Friends of Bute Park was established to ………. This also comes under the umbrella body of the Your Cathays volunteers …. Herbs in Wales is based just outside ……. and therefore part of ….

Herbs in Wales:
Herbs in Wales

Based in Wales – this fantastic organic accredited Herb Farmer has ….. ??:  III [Important Insect Initiative]

Keep Wales Tidy

Keep Wales Tidy supports many initiatives in order to clean up our Eco-Schools For supporting both Primary and Secondary schools. Video 1 and Video 2 show the work 11 to 15 year olds undertook on cleaning up a derelict site around their school, making compost heaps and planting indigenous wildflowers. 1?:  PPOD: Post Peak Oil Discussion 1?:  Nursery2 Programme 1?: 1?: 1?:  Dav: III campaign

Friends of the Earth Cymru

Friends of the Earth Cymrucampaigns come no more significant that Merthyr FoE campaign against the incinerator: Chris and Alyson Austin explain the campaign journey and final positive outcome.

A conference video was created to engage more members to attend annual conferences and get actively more involved in local FoE groups. As a long term networking supporter, Davius passes on information to possible interested parties of the events that Friends of the Earth Cymru run (Bee Campaign, Anti Fracking, Healthier eating, Organic Farming etc.) This       Davius Nursery has donated some plants to support the wildlife around this local market/organic farm co-operative.

Plasnewydd Community Gardens

The Plasnewydd Garden has been a strong focal point of the Roath/Pen Y Lan

RCMA: Riverside Community Market Association:

The Riverside Market as it is more commonly known was set up in the late 1990’s to encourage greater local food sourcing and local job creation. This video was produced to support attract more people to RCMA and their regular markets.

The Riverside Farmers run’s at different locations on a weekly basis;

The markets have a faithful following, built strong local links as well as positive word of mouth reputation for food quality and customer satisfaction and recommendations. Get involved and pop down and see these local markets.

Riverside Market Garden:

Riverside Market Garden was a spin out of Riverside Farmers Market, as an actual farm site was procured to grow local food and distribute it across the local area. This video was produced to encourage people to get involved with the Riverside Market Garden.

The main purpose of this Davius video produced was to encourage greater participation, local investment and share offers and building up the local supply chains. Part the main ethos is local social interconnection (as with all networks that Davius supports) and getting the community involved.

Riverside Community Garden:
Polytunnel built by volunteers at a local community garden.

A space for everyone! This multiple discipline site finds everyone at their best engaged in multiple skills and public engagement. People from all backgrounds, primary schools, disabled people, senior citizens, advice seekers – the list is vast! All these people wish to get involved and

Community Groups

The ….

Small and Medium Enterprises

This is ……….   See?


The Universities …

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Video to support cross disciplines of PhD Doctoral Candidates joining yearly Tyndall Conferences across the UK.

With Global Warming/Transition effecting everyone of a 7 billion global population – a great deal of research needs to be undertaken on a local, national and international level about:

  • community/society,
  • industry & commerence,
  • education & academia,
  • local authorities & governmental levels.

We actively encourage all disciplines of engineering, artificial intelligence, planning, policy, anthropology, psychologist and all other disciplines that Tyndall Centre support.

Open University:

Open University Open University

  • Graduation Ceremony
Bristol University:

Bristol University Bristol University has …… The

Cardiff University:

Davius has been approached

Cardiff University has had several programs …. Cardiff University link ….

  • Trevithick Planting
  • CUSA – Cardiff University Student Allotment (2013-2015)
  • PG Café (for the Doctoral Community)
  • Support ….
Sheffield University:

Sheffield University  Supporting the research on the Social entrepreneurs journey.

Your Cathays:

The Your Cathays volunteer body was set up to encourage greater social interconnectivity and local economy stability. This has been an exceptionally long drawn out process from the turn of the century as issues of local flooding, waste, housing mis-management, gardens in horrific conditions, invasive plant species, social disconnection and feelings of loneliness – the list has been continually compiled from approximately 1996-2001 with observation and recording data activities, to more hands-on remedial activities in 2010’s to a more community driven and connection entity of newsletter and connection of residents, local businesses and voluntary bodies.

Empowerment is a real issue as everyone is encouraged to take greater care of this fair district.

"Sustainability: Think it … Make it … Live it!"

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