Wind Power

Wind Turbines and Wind Farms:

Initially receiving much negative press; the first UK wind farm was established in early 1990’s. Although deemed to be economically ineffective – wind farms have developed a great deal in the lastWind Turbine - April 2014 - small twenty years to become industrial scale energy producers to co-operative movements, or single owners of wind turbines – such as farmers who have benefitted from having these machines on their landscape.

Offshore Wind Farms:

As winds are stronger at sea, with wide open space with no obstructions (trees, buildings, mountains) the potential for more wind energy being produced offshore than on land is assured. Several large scale offshore wind farms have been established now which have contributed significant amounts of electricity the nearby grids systems. The costs are still very high and feats of powerful engineering practice must be engaged to erect successful offshore wind farms – yet by 2020-2030 offshore wind farms may be the main renewable energy contributor.

Off shore Wind Farms could potentially be coupled with Undersea Farms (to farm fish, monitor fish stock levels, monitor marine ecology, improve global coral reefs and maintain strong oceanography and marine cartography) as an example of the energy and agriculture sector working together utilising the same space.

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