In the last fifty years thanks to the tireless efforts of scientist, ecologist, geographers and others; it is fully explained to and comprehended by our global society that we have caused the extinction of some species of plants and animals and the decline of many others. It can not be allowed that more animals/plants varieties to be added to the endangered species list.

We are running out of time …. yet there is a great deal you can ALL do to improve the biodiversity crisis!

Be it on land or sea; our polluting industries have compromised many natural habitats and inevitably the species that live there. As a civilisation we are the responsible wardens who should care for the ‘less cerebrally developed’ thousands of species around us.

Recently the plight of the Bees as they suffer massive population decline, has had a significant impact upon our agricultural industry. With less pollination levels occurring – food shortages and food price increases are of no benefit to anyone. If the bees were wiped out we would have no species to pollinate our fields, orchards and gardens. We NEED our global bee population intact.

There is a symbiosis which still goes largely unrecognised. We need the bees to pollinate our food crops to grow and the bees need humans to safeguard the environment so that they may flourish appropriately.

The majority of species have become extinct through habitat destruction or hunting. The latter has been reduced yet still illegally happens in some parts of the world which charities are battling to stop. The former issue of habitat destruction is something we can all contribute towards reversing.

The Davius Biodiversity page was created to encourage you to undertake your own indigenous wildflower planting initiatives. Just a token involvement of one person adding a few beneficial wildflowers or tress to their neighbourhood green spaces or derelict land will help many declining important insect species of bees, butterflies, ladybirds, dragonfly and many others – allowing them to thrive. If thousands of people all contribute – this will significantly improve our biodiversity resources in our countries.

This may seem like common sense in action and a practical viable solution …… so why is it not happening in your district or on a national level? We are too busy? People are too apathetic now? The recession has created too many further constraints that we have no time to contribute?

We encourage you to get involved in local tree planting schemes. This will improve the appearance of your locality, absorb carbon and create habitat for many birds and insect species.

Local voluntary groups are becoming more established these days; with the power of the internet in your hands, you can establish a volunteer’s page or video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, or other social networking sites. This will attract similar minded people to become involved in your project – in your locality.

Every element that Davius is involved in will have biodiversity integrated into the process. Be it working on Housing projects, community groups, business CSR policy – each clients requirements will pose an opportunity to integrate local biodiversity support.

"Sustainability: Think it … Make it … Live it!"

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