Davius Bee Initiative

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When the ‘Davius Nursery’ programme began at the turn of the century – the priority was for insect species support [ISS] by way of creating and enforcing positive biodiversity habitats.

Supporting local established habitats or creating new green spaces with beneficial indigenous wildflowers will give Bees and other important insect species some of the resources they need to survive.

Bee pods, as the adjacent image will show you shows one way you can provide a hibernation place, for important insects such as Bees, during the winter.

Additionally, we strongly recommend a little detective work. If you find dead bee’s in various locations in your area, please make note of where and when you found the dead bees. You may wish to get in contact with the local college or universities biosciences departments and explain to them your findings – they may have a resident expert who may wish to follow this up.

There are many organisation who are highlighting the plight of the humble Bee (which global populations have halved in recent years) please look at:

As an international community we already have millions of keen gardeners who create beautiful green spaces around their homes. Such practices help support our wildlife.

We strongly encourage more community planting projects in your locality, your office place, the factory car parks, pre-school, schools, colleges and university campuses.

"Sustainability: Think it … Make it … Live it!"

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