This page is broken down into four sections (which Davius works on ten themes under) of:


The client page will show you the breadth of what Davius strives for. Supporting small to medium enterprises, social entrepreneurs, charities and volunteer groups is one way forward to engage communities and reduce our impact upon our precious environment.

This is not just an example of Davius processes and work, yet an encouragement for you to set up similar ventures in your locality to engage your community on a benign social, environmental and economic level.

Ethical Investments

Investment is a difficult contentious area of concern. The ‘boom and bust’ scenarios that punctuate our modern history show we are caught in a monotonous social and economic trap.

Investment such as a mortgage is seen as a lifelong investment for retirement, or putting funds behind offspring. Such philosophy should be applied to all investments; giving them a more ethical direction and responsible ethos.

The following page shows you what small contributions Davius has supported over the last twenty years.


Networking is the vital lifeline of good business practice or community engagement. You are strongly encouraged to reach out to your locale and network with local organisations or people. Although the Davius list is by no means comprehensive, it attempts to highlight what is out there and may be of some interest to you.

Davius CSR [Social Responsibility]

Businesses being entirely responsible for their own actions will ensure good practice, community engagement, supporting the local economy and showing others what your company wishes to lead by example upon.

What can you do for your locality?

"Sustainability: Think it … Make it … Live it!"

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