Starting point: for volunteering in your locale, or specifically your area of interest/concern – use this page: Wales Volunteering!

Volunteering comes in many different forms.  official organisations to informal gatherings of locals with a specific common goal; such activities can help supplement the activities in the community – especially in a period of austerity which we all face in the mid to late 2010’s.

From the Scouts and esdgcGuides helping out in their locale, school pupils helping maintain the sites their schools are based at, to senior citizens coming together to practise their skills which have been amassed over the decades, to small volunteering ventures of a few people cleaning their own street.

The value of volunteering can never be understated. When you get involved in volunteering you will find people with common interests to you and you can expand your community outreach and social network of people. Over the long term this will support greater social inclusion.

For all demographics – volubnteering counts !!! 

Volunteering is vast – with all appropriate safety checks in place now, this has helped support create a national volunteer army to support with caring/sharing, skills increases, awareness raising, crafts expansion, clean up litter – the list is significant!

  • Children – encourage them to work in community gardens so they can learn the value of where fruits, veg, wildflowers come from, how they are grown.
  • Teenagers (particularly for GCSE with Welsh Bac) can partake in local projects,
  • Students, postgrads and young 22-40 year old professionals are leaning towards volunteering now to learn new skills, grow new social circles with similar interests to their own.
  • 30-50 year old young families – particularly if you’ve moved into the area – volunteering is a great way to connect with other families with similar interests.
  • 40-70 year olds who help sustain local clean up groups like Cardiff Rivers Group, or the local Keep Wales Tidy groups.
  • 70-100 year olds. The lifeline of many voluntary bodies is our ‘retired’ wisdom of the tribe (who may be retired yet individually pour in hundreds of hours of volunteering to projects in their locale each year) who have kept many voluntary based projects going.

"Sustainability: Think it … Make it … Live it!"

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