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At present the website is being rebuilt.

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This website is being rebuilt at present. 

Davius; the main focuses of this website are upon encouraging the protection, efficient use and improvement of:

  • Water, Soil and Air resources.
  • Housing, Space and Community/People engagement.
  • Renewable Energy, Heat/Cooling, Efficiency and Balancing resources

A great deal of this can be achieved through bespoke approaches to specific areas (often areas of low resource/liquidity) It is imperative that all people understand the processes that we undertake in order to sustain our cities, our countryside and our world!

Below are two active long term social/environmental initiatives.



Subsidiary websites:

The following long-term projects have been developed into separate websites under the Davius Consultancy:

Your Cathays:

Social element – www.yourcathays.org.uk what started out as social outreach has developed into a community element

Over time, the trust has been established with 100’s of families, which has led to collaborative efforts between many people of all backgrounds and hopes!



Davius Nursery:

Environmental element Рwww.davius.org.uk nature/biodiversity 

The heavy emphasis on ‘people and nature’ has made these multiple projects a reality

In the coming decades – the Nursery expects to support planting 1000’s of indigenous and organically grown trees and 10,000’s of wildflowers in the locale; by empowering people and nature to work effectively together.



Philosophy & Practise:

The main focus is a holistic approach where mutual understanding, combined planning and delivery can bring projects to an agreeable reality.

Using didactic approaches, delivery empty products, walking away and leaving the recipients to deal with something they did not want is NOT the way any initiative should be undertaken. This sadly is the smack up of many projects observed in the last 3 decades.

Faith in people’s ability is a major part of many Davius projects, involving all willing participants – understanding what people wish to see developed in their own locale; then attempting to deliver in a sustainable manner (recovered materials, creation points of something new and replenishable)¬†

With the development of the circular economy (detracting from the established linear economy over last 150 years) it could see a re-emergence and development of many peoples personal/professional skills that we may have perceived to have lost though diminishing apprenticeships over the last 50-120 years. (How did they build those Victorian Houses that still stand today?)

Not everything should be metered, so everyone has to continually pay – when if we create our own; we are more empowered, satisfied and possibly lending to a better street, community and wider society.



Awards for Projects:

These are some of the awards that Davius Consultancy have successfully applied for.

Co-Op Community Fund:

Various funding pots under the Co-Op Community Fund have been successfully applied for

Kew Gardens:

The Grow Wild


Given many