It may seem like global warming is inevitable and all hope is lost – yet EVERYTHING can be done and you and 7 billion other people have all been asked to stand and do the right thing now. Together – every person in every village, town, city, megapolis, county, country, continent – the whole world can make this planet truly sustainable …….

What can you do?

1 – What is Sustainability?
2 – Sharing the good word …..
3 – Online wildflower shop
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1 – What is Sustainability?

The 21st Century accepted model of Sustainable Development is (in NO order of priority):

A: Social Inclusion:
All people regardless of gender, race, age or class, are entitled to Human Rights (shelter, food, safety, independence, education and a Democratic vote.)

B: Stable Economy:
Be it local, national or Global – all businesses/Co-Operatives should be stable with emphasis on the immediate communities that they locally occupy, as well as the Global implications.

C: Benign Ecological Activity:
All work, play and other processes undertaken by humanity can be achieved with no real impact upon the natural Earth. All resources are used appropriately, sharing and sparingly.

Please look to our client portfolio to see what we have achieved together.

2 – Sharing the good word …..
Please do consider following Davius on Facebook or Twitter; as information is shared (and every effort is made to reference/source origin of information) where and when it is come across. Together we can all share in ideas, processes and protocol to make our planet a safer and resilient social/environmental/economic world for everyone else tomorrow!!

3 – Online Wildflower Shop
An online shop has been created for the wildflowers that the  Davius ‘Nursery’  produces – please note this is pick-up only (delivery of wildflowers is not recommended)

Please note – report sales are for anyone who wishes it – yet natural soakways, wildflowers, insect hotels, building services, renewables; these are not for national/international sales – there are plenty of shops in your own area who can sell you those products and environmental burden of postage/packaging.

4 – Local projects and Non-technical reports



"Sustainability: Think it … Make it … Live it!"

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